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E-commerce software for omnichannel commerce

Webshop frontend meets omnichannel-capable backend

MOVEX | eCommerce: integrated ecommerce software for beginners and top sellers

A modern web shop is only the first step when it comes to getting started successfully in online business. MOVEX | eCommerce thinks ahead and creates integrated solutions in which a user-friendly, responsive front end is seamlessly linked with backend processes such as inventory management and logistics. Complete individual e-commerce solutions are created via various expansion stages.

Webshop, PIM, inventory management and shipping

MOVEX | eCommerce is OSP’s custom-fit software for retail and logistics. The two back-end products MOVEX | Order and MOVEX | Logistics are combined with flexible front-end solutions from the software house novomind or other e-commerce providers. The e-commerce software includes shop development, connection to various marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and OTTO, and straightforward management of product data in PIM systems. The software bundle also delivers key omnichannel retail capabilities, such as centralised inventory management and cross-channel fulfilment. The entire process – from design and implementation to configuration – is handled by OSP.

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Webshops –
novomind iSHOP

Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Multi-currency/language/channel
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Real-time personalisation
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Shop management tools
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Full-responsive 

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Product data –
novomind iPIM

Benefits MOVEX eCommerce  Central data management
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Assortments & channels
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Internationalisation
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Marketplaces

Icon order and warehouse management

Order and warehouse management

Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Stock levels in real time
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   360° customer view
Benefits MOVEX eCommerce   Returns management

Advantages of MOVEX | eCommerce – the e-commerce software

+ Fully integrated solution

+ Fast implementation

+ Flexible shop management

+ Quickstart store for beginners

+ Exceptional performance & stability

+ Multi-brand/-language/-currency capability

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Webshops – novomind iSHOP

Multi-currency, language and channel
Multi-language, multi-brand and multi-currency support ensure easy internationalisation for your online shop. As a modern omnichannel commerce system, novomind iSHOP guarantees outstanding performance and ease of use for all sales channels.

Real-time personalisation
All content can be customised in real time, thereby creating a personal shop for each end customer.

Shop management tools
You control your marketing in the background with easy-to-use tools: novomind iSHOP contains numerous functions such as testing, tracking, personalisation, promotions, SEO, SEM, affiliate and automation.

The shops offer a perfect design for all end devices and are optimally displayed on every device thanks to automatic device recognition.

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Product data – novomind iPIM

Central product data management
The central creation, administration and maintenance of all your assortment’s product information ensures optimised processes in the online shop and in the marketplace business. Data maintenance is facilitated by automated product data imports and exports.

Assortment and platform management
With novomind iPIM, assortments and sales channels can be managed efficiently thanks to flexible structures. The content can be perfectly tailored towards different target groups and platforms.

A detailed preliminary check of the product data for marketplace suitability helps you to start doing business via platforms such as Amazon, eBay and OTTO. The data is simply transferred automatically via interfaces.

novomind iPIM localises product data and distributes content on a country-specific basis in order to open up new, international markets quickly.

Product communication
The PIM system supports all online and offline communication measures for your products.

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Order and warehouse management

Synchronise goods inventories
You can synchronise the inventories of all online shops and marketplace sites with MOVEX | Order, which forms part of the e-commerce software. Current changes are immediately visible. Your customer can receive reliable information about the availability of the desired item in the shop at all times. This allows sales to be tracked effectively and also eliminates time-consuming inventory adjustment of all platforms for each sale.

360° customer view for targeted marketing
In MOVEX | Order, customer master data and characteristics, orders and purchasing behaviour are centrally managed. This enables you to carry out individualised customer marketing and to issue targeted vouchers that can be redeemed in the online shop.

Efficient returns processing
Central management of orders via online shops or marketplaces enables comprehensive returns, regardless of the platform on which the sale was made. This means that products purchased online can also be returned to a high-street store.

Cashpoint in 7eleven store

Successful omnichannel project in Thailand

OSP launched the first CP ALL webshop for the Thai retail group CP ALL (7-Eleven) that is linked with other sales channels. The IT project comprises the implementation of several webshops and payment systems, the introduction of a customer loyalty program (“7-Eleven-Member-Points”) as well as other functionalities. The omnichannel solution, which comprises the e-fulfillment software MOVEX from OSP as well as novomind iSHOP and novomind iPIM, was developed especially for the Thai market.

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