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MOVEX | Logistics: manage all goods movements

Successful omnichannel business needs flexible warehouse management software – because borderless commerce also entails fast shipping and flexible logistics solutions. MOVEX | Logistics supports employees with warehouse management: from ordering and goods receipt with storage to error-free picking and processing of goods dispatch.

Warehouse management software that adapts

MOVEX | Logistics controls all logistics and shipping processes – regardless of sales channel, product range, warehouse size or degree of automation. Complex omnichannel strategies can be implemented with the same ease as classic mail order or multi-client logistics. The warehouse management software allows you to optimize all modern warehouse processes and implement central inventory management, track & trace, and efficient returns handling. The warehouse software also supports individual picking strategies, pick & pack, and shipment processes. It also allows any number of fulfilment partners to be integrated. Omnichannel commerce is easy to implement thanks to the integration of store inventories and virtual warehouses.

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Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Inventory management
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Warehouse optimisation
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Inventory
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Monitoring & control

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Goods receipt

Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Incoming goods
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Quality inspection
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Communication
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Goods storage

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Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Shipments formation
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Picking
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Packing
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Goods issue

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Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Return identification
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Returns recording
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Return
Benefits MOVEX Logistics   Returns storage

Advantages of MOVEX | Logistics

+ Lower storage costs

+ Real-time inventory

+ Process & path optimisation

+ Efficient warehouse & returns management

+ Tried and tested in multi-client logistics

+ Strength in international retail & logistics

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Warehouse management and process control

Uniform stock management
Seamless stock management guarantees you permanent evaluation and information on stock levels and the availability of goods in real time.

Optimum warehouse utilisation
MOVEX | Logistics offers you flexible-to-configure storage strategies and storage bin management that is tailored to the conditions in the warehouse and the respective degree of automation, from manual to automatic. Using intelligent algorithms, the software compares product characteristics and storage conditions with the structure of the warehouse in order to always finds the optimal storage location. You are free to choose the type of warehousing, whether it be fixed storage bins or chaotic storage. MOVEX | Logistics supports various route-optimized order picking procedures, both via paper picking lists or paperless via MDE.

Inventory process
MOVEX | Logistics provides you with inventory security with permanent and key date inventories using paper picking lists or MDE.

Monitoring & control station
Important KPIs of warehouse management and operative logistics processes, such as picking, sorting and packing processes, can be visualized with MOVEX | Logistics. An integrated control station provides a central tool for controlling and monitoring warehouse management.

Icon Wareneingang in einem Lager

Smooth goods receipt

Incoming goods
MOVEX | Logistics provides interfaces for importing delivery notifications from manufacturers and checks both the master data of incoming goods and over- or under-delivery quantities.

Quality inspection
The warehouse management system assists you with various possible quality inspection processes of goods, for example by categorising them into “approved for sale” or “damaged”.

Customer communication
Printouts of all relevant shipping documents for the customer as well as information about the order status are automatically triggered at goods receipt.

Goods storage
Your delivered goods are stored according to automatic allocation proposal of a suitable storage location, always with a focus on efficiently saving space via condensing and optimisation.

Icon Sendungsabwicklung: Waren bereit das Lager zu verlassen

Optimal shipment processing

Shipment generation according to customer requirements
MOVEX | Logistics receives delivery orders from the order management system, for example, MOVEX | Order, and generates shipments from them. Efficiency in your warehouse is ensured via quantity control with defined upper limits, which takes account of your current personnel capacities in the warehouse.

Individual order picking
Our warehouse management system supports picking procedures according to departure direction, packing station type, processing type, order prioritisation as well as round-trip optimised picking, taking account of fast-moving (best seller) and slow-moving (worst seller) items. Different picking techniques with various degrees of automation are also implemented: from manual processes and classic warehouse handling with lists and labels to modern sorting technology.

Pack shipments
MOVEX | Logistics ensures efficient shipping with a real-time overview of the shipment status and assures quality in the packing process with an intelligent packing station module. In addition to standardised packaging processes, the software also supports individual specifications for repackaging, filling, finishing, personalisation, and the addition of free gifts and greeting cards.

Goods issue and shipment tracking
The warehouse management software ensures controlled and orderly goods issue and makes deliveries ready for dispatch at the shipping area, including all target documents. Via a dialog box, MOVEX | Logistics supports final quality and completeness checks and provides all necessary data for shipment tracking after goods issue.

Icon retourniertes Paket

Efficient returns handling

Returns identification, recording and quality assessment
MOVEX | Logistics offers several options for recognising returned goods: from return labels with barcodes and machine-readable return slips to searching for the customer via the customer address. The reason for return, the quality condition of the item and any necessary reprocessing can be recorded quickly and easily in the system.

Space-saving storage of returns
Resellable returned goods are packed in bins with mixed items and stored in a special storage area. The item is once more available in the omnichannel inventory and can be ordered again, whether it be for store sales or online shipment.

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