POS Software: Verkäufer benutzt Tablet im Geschäft

POS software with omnichannel functions

Inventory for omnichannel trade

MOVEX | POS: Omnichannel software and inventory management in one system

Unlimited shopping across all channels - if you want to meet your customers' expectations, you have to link the online and offline worlds. As an omnichannel solution, MOVEX supports the linking of stationary trade with e-commerce and mobile commerce.

POS system for stores, online shops and marketplaces

The POS software from OSP fully integrates cash register systems, online shops and marketplaces into the inventory management system. The software bundle MOVEX | POS combines the advantages of the individual products MOVEX | Order and MOVEX | Mobile as well as the PRIAMOS POS software of our partner ETHALON. As a retailer, you have direct access to all relevant master and sales data, which is updated in real time. With the app solution you can turn the omnichannel case into a networked shopping experience and increase your customers' loyalty.

Icon PC screen showing shop order

Order and Warehouse

Benefits MOVEX POS   Inventory in real time
Benefits MOVEX POS   360° view of customers
Benefits MOVEX POS   Central article data
Benefits MOVEX POS   Returns management

Icon cash desk and desktop pc

POS and

Benefits MOVEX POS   Click & collect/reserve
Benefits MOVEX POS   In-store return services
Benefits MOVEX POS   Online availability
Benefits MOVEX POS   In-store orders

Icon cash desk and smartphone

POS and

Benefits MOVEX POS   Digital customer cards
Benefits MOVEX POS   Mobile couponing
Benefits MOVEX POS   Mobile payments
Benefits MOVEX POS   Digital receipts

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POS cash register

Benefits MOVEX POS   Tablet, PC, cash register
Benefits MOVEX POS   Various payment types
Benefits MOVEX POS   Discounts, loyalty cards
Benefits MOVEX POS   GoBD-compliant

Benefits of MOVEX | POS – the POS software

+ Modular expandable

+ Digitisation of the POS

+ Live stock levels

+ Access to the entire range increases sales

+ Linking of POS and e-commerce

+ Omnichannel: Purchases and returns

+ Mobile services increase customer loyalty

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Order and warehouse management

Synchronise stock levels
You can synchronise the stock levels of all stores as well as those of the online shop if required using MOVEX | Order. Your POS system is linked to the software so that all stationary sales are processed centrally. Stock levels are automatically adjusted and aligned with the marketplaces and online shops - current changes are visible immediately. This means that sales can be tracked effectively, and time-consuming inventory updates across all platforms are no longer necessary after every sale. Benefits for your customers: The sales staff in the store can always provide information about current article stock levels.

360° view of customers for targeted marketing
With MOVEX | POS customer master data and characteristics, orders and purchasing behaviour are managed centrally. This enables individual customer marketing and the targeted control of vouchers, which can be redeemed in the stores or online shop.

Central catalogue of products
With MOVEX | POS you only have to maintain one central product database, which means you are using the same catalogue of products across all channels - at the checkout, in the online shop, in the marketplaces and price portals or any other website.

Process returns efficiently
The central management of orders completed via different channels enables returns to be handled efficiently across all areas, no matter where the sales took place. Products purchased online can therefore also be returned in a store.

Icon: Kasse und Onlineshop

Link the POS
and e-business

Endless aisle (virtual extension of the storage shelves)
With the virtual extension of storage shelves via the online shop in your store, you can expand your product range to the maximum, while at the same time saving costs by reducing the sales area.

Click & Reserve and Click & Collect
Reserve or buy your desired items conveniently online, and then collect them from a store: Innovative services such as Click & Reserve and Click & Collect make the purchasing process flexible for the customer. Payment can be made in the store, on account or with all online payment methods.

In-store return services
In-store returns allow customers to return items purchased online to stores instead of sending them back to the manufacturer or retailer.

Online availability checks
With the online availability check, the store employee can check at any time whether the customer's desired product is in stock in another store or in the central warehouse.

In-store order option
A tablet with a connection to your online shop provides additional support for the sales process in the store. This means you can easily reserve or order items for your customers that are available in other stores or only in the warehouse.

Cross-selling products

Furthermore, the sales tablet can also be used to suggest suitable supplementary products that are available in the web shop, which can then be reserved or ordered for the customer as required.

Icon: Kasse und Smartphone

Mobile services
at the POS

Increased customer loyalty in the stores

MOVEX | Mobile offers modern customer loyalty tools that can be used in both retail stores and online shops - such as digital customer cards and receipts or mobile couponing. With mobile, integrated scanning functions and fulfilment services, the bundle links stationary retail trade with the online shop and creates a seamless, cross-channel shopping experience. And pure stationary retailers can also benefit from modern customer loyalty instruments.

Icon: Kassendisplay

Modern cash register
software at the POS

Fast processing of cash register transactions
The PRIAMOS cash register software from ETHALON ensures fast processing at the checkout thanks to the scanning function for article numbers, EANs and bar codes. What's more, receipt printers and hand scanners can also be connected.

Flexible hardware usage
The cash register system is suitable for tablets, PCs or cash register hardware. PRIAMOS includes a user-friendly touch screen interface and enables automatic real-time data transfers for stationary and mobile sales.

Comprehensive payment methods

Customers can pay in cash, with EC and credit cards, a voucher or via mobile payment.

Discounts, vouchers and customer cards
Vouchers, discounts and bonus points can be redeemed and collected across different channels.

Legal and GoBD-compliant
All checkout/cash register processes are automatically saved - ensuring compliance with legal requirements and the Principles for Duly Maintaining, Keeping and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access, as provided by the German tax authorities (GoBD).

Scalable for your growth

The cash register software is scalable and therefore suitable for expanding the network of stores, for expansions abroad or for connecting online shops.

Use existing cash register software
If another cash register system is already being used, the MOVEX omnichannel system can be connected to it with ease.

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