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Order management for omnichannel commerce

Inspire across all sales channels

MOVEX | Order: all-channel retail control centre

Unlimited freedom to shop, order, pick up and return, anytime and anywhere – only an excellent order management system can make this possible. MOVEX | Order acts as a control centre in the background, seamlessly managing all processes for a continuous customer journey, whether it be online, mobile or in-store. With a central inventory, customer and order management, the software guarantees a uniform database at all points of contact.

The order management system for all touchpoints

Let your customers decide when and where they shop, pick up goods or have them delivered or returned. MOVEX | Order controls all procedures in the sales process: from ordering and payment to customer relationship management and personalised marketing. The order management system manages items, prices, stock levels, orders and payment flows as well as call centre clients and loyalty programs. MOVEX | Order provides you with a real-time overview and a 360° view of your customers’ master data, orders, invoices, characteristics and their purchasing behaviour. Thanks to the unified system that runs in the background, omnichannel services such as click & collect, click & return or in-store return come as standard.

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Order & inventory

Benefits MOVEX Order   Order management
Benefits MOVEX Order   Inventory management
Benefits MOVEX Order   Order processing
Benefits MOVEX Order   Returns management

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Marketing & sales

Benefits MOVEX Order   Marketing campaigns
Benefits MOVEX Order   Gift vouchers & extras
Benefits MOVEX Order   Pricing
Benefits MOVEX Order   Loyalty management

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Customer service

Benefits MOVEX Order   Customer data
Benefits MOVEX Order   Contact management
Benefits MOVEX Order   Communication
Benefits MOVEX Order   Service and advice

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Payment & debit

Benefits MOVEX Order   Credit assessment
Benefits MOVEX Order   Fraud protection
Benefits MOVEX Order   Payment processing
Benefits MOVEX Order   Receivables

Advantages of MOVEX | Order – the order management software

+ Cross-channel

+ Inventories in real time

+ 360° customer view

+ Uniform view of inventories and orders

+ Supports a range of payment methods

+ Various languages and fonts

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Order and inventory

Order recording for all channels
With MOVEX | Order, you enter and process orders from different touchpoints such as webshops, marketplaces, call centres, mobile apps or local branches. The system provides various order processing strategies, for example for handling supplementary deliveries. Orders can be forwarded across channels to distributed warehouse locations according to defined business rules. This allows you to prevent out-of-stock situations and supply your customers in a faster and more cost-efficient manner.

Real-time inventory management
A holistic view of all stocks across all warehouse locations and stores in real time is an indispensable feature for omnichannel commerce. In addition, MOVEX | Order offers the possibility to determine quotas for each sales channel individually. Online services for inventory information, reservations and cross-channel rebooking guarantee the best possible overview and optimal supply of goods to each individual sales channel. Flexible interfaces also allow MOVEX | Order’s inventory management to be docked to other systems, for example to the MOVEX | Logistics warehouse management software.

Transparent shipment management
With MOVEX | Order, you can create shipments as well as customer invoices and can combine several orders into one shipment. Invoices, credit notes and payment histories are sent to external ERP systems via interfaces.

Efficient returns management
Ordering via webshop and in-branch returns are no problem with MOVEX | Order. The order management system enables a cross-channel returns process that aims to make the return and credit processes simple and convenient for the customer. MOVEX| Order provides a transparent overview of the entire returns history and the reasons for your customers’ returns.

Effectively manage marketing and sales

Effectively manage marketing and sales

Plan marketing campaigns
MOVEX | Order supports targeted campaigns based on different customer characteristics, for example for existing customers, prospective customers and newsletter recipients.

Gift vouchers and extras
Vouchers can be issued for all customers, customised to a specific target group or even personalised. The entire lifecycle of vouchers is supported: from planning and generation via customer information to ordering and consideration in the invoicing process. Furthermore, the order management system allows the addition of flyers, brochures and product samples.

Flexible prices
With MOVEX | Order, discounts, bonuses, promotions and special offers can be targeted to specific offers, products, channels and target groups. The discounts can be managed in a granular way, both at the level of individual order items and the shopping cart as well as on the total value of the goods.

Loyalty management
MOVEX | Order allows you to control a variety of sales promotions for your customers, such as cash or merchandise discounts and referrals.

Customer service and communication

Customer service and communication

Manage customer data
With MOVEX | Order, you can effectively design your customer relationship management with a 360° view of your customers. The software keeps central customer master data, profile data as well as purchase history and payment information available at a glance, always in accordance with current data protection requirements.

Customer communication, advice and service
Targeted management and prioritisation of communication measures for consumers – all of this is taken care of by MOVEX | Order, whether it be inbound or outbound, across all channels and media. Intuitive call centre clients support fast, customer-friendly advice. Automatic e-mail dispatch for order, payment receipt and dispatch confirmations is an obvious and essential feature.

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Centrally manage payments

Accounts receivable management
MOVEX | Order offers a fast, end-to-end evaluation of bad debts and dunning processes that can be taken all the way to handover to a debt collection agency. This allows you to adapt your receivables management individually to your company: from threshold values and dunning charges to interest, dunning stop periods and write-off processes, the settings are freely configurable. Interfaces for exporting open receivables to collection agencies facilitate receivables management.

Payment management
MOVEX | Order supports various payment methods such as prepayment, cash on delivery, invoicing and credit card. Interfaces to all common payment providers, bank service providers and online marketplaces are included.

Fraud protection and credit assessment
Plausibility checks and confirmation checks are an integral part of MOVEX | Order and help to actively prevent fraud. You can also avoid payment defaults by evaluating creditworthiness via internal KPIs as well as by making inquiries with external credit check agencies. Via an easy-to-operate user interface, you can process complicated clarification cases that cannot be decided automatically.

Der Ausstellungsbereich und die Treppe des Flagship Store Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Build a customer-centric shopping experience across all channels

Eddie Bauer Japan is a US-based outdoor recreation brand with 47 physical stores and 11 outlet stores across Japan, as well as multiple digital sales channels, including the brand’s official website and Amazon and Rakuten e-commerce platforms.

Together with OSP, Eddie Bauer Japan embarked on the omnichannel journey to build a customer-centric shopping experience across all channels. Among other things, this involved migrating large volumes of data from the legacy system and integrating omnichannel services and sales data into the new order management system MOVEX | Order.

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