MOVEX | Interlink: Middleware for real-time data integration

Data integration for successful omni-channel commerce

One central interface – All systems connected

MOVEX | Interlink: the middleware for real-time data integration

Successful omni-channel retailing thrives on the seamless linking and integration of all processes at the customer contact points and in the back-end systems. Retailers must remove their online and offline silos for data storage and synchronise distributed information across all channels, systems and devices. 

The current challenge is therefore: to connect existing, complex IT landscapes in such a way that the same data is available in real-time for all touch points and systems. 

Cross-channel data integration and synchronisation

MOVEX Interlink connects systems and services

MOVEX | Interlink links and integrates all existing business systems – from ERP, PIM and CRM to order management. Customer, sales, product and inventory data are synchronised in real time, irrespective of whether this is at the point of sale, in smart stores, on e-commerce platforms, in the web shop, in the warehouse or in customer service. MOVEX | Interlink therefore ensures optimised processes and a seamless customer journey. The lean middleware solution also enables you to react quickly and flexibly to future changes in the infrastructure.  

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Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Enterprise Service Bus
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Headless API
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Real-time performance
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Micro services

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Dealer Services 

Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Live stock levels
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Incoming/Outgoing goods
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Returns management
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Heatmaps and dashboards

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Customer Services

Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Online availability checks
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Click & Collect/Reserve
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   In-store returns
Benefits MOVEX Interlink   Smart store services

Advantages of MOVEX | Interlink – the Omnichannel Connector

+ Real-time inventory

+ Short implementation time

+ Cross-channel

+ Integration into existing system landscapes

+ Flexibility in case of changes to the infrastructure

+ Uniform data preparation for BI and AI


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Integration & linkage

Data integration with the Enterprise Service Bus
The Enterprise Service Bus from MOVEX | Interlink synchronises and networks all data from the distributed backend applications and the interfaces of the various channels, for example from ERP, cloud applications or the merchandise management system. Information is standardised and prepared for customer and dealer services. This significantly reduces the complexity of existing IT landscapes. And dealers are also prepared for future challenges: New touchpoints and applications can be integrated easily into the overall infrastructure. 

API first – flexibility for headless commerce
Rapid market changes and constantly changing customer requirements demand a technical approach that guarantees maximum flexibility. MOVEX | Interlink supports the introduction of a "headless architecture", i.e. the separation of the frontend and backend as well as the simple integration of third-party systems via intelligent interfaces. 

High performance with Apache Kafka 
MOVEX | Interlink processes data streams via Kafka Queue. The use of this technology ensures real-time processing and high scalability of the systems. 

Link micro services quickly
Modern software architecture relies on micro services instead of monoliths. MOVEX | Interlink networks different applications and ensures the independent operation of several services. An integrated database and the fast connection of interfaces ensure maximum flexibility.

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Dealer services

Real-time inventory for all channels
MOVEX | Interlink synchronises the inventories of all branches, online shops and warehouses. Regardless of whether goods are sold or returned in a store, web shop or via an online marketplace, the software processes inventory data in real time and stores it centrally. The optimal supply of each individual sales channel, timely cross-channel rebooking or the re-ordering of goods is therefore guaranteed.

Full control over incoming/outgoing goods 
MOVEX | Interlink transmits and integrates information from different systems for incoming and outgoing goods. For example, the software supports data conversion for delivery notifications from manufacturers, master data of the goods or quality inspections during shipping.

Handle returns across multiple channels
Ordering products in the web shop and returning them to the store is no problem thanks to data exchange via MOVEX | Interlink. And cross-channel return options and simple credit note processes increase customer satisfaction. What's more, retailers can maintain a transparent overview of the entire returns history and the reasons for returns.

All key figures synchronous – data and KPIs at a glance
MOVEX | Interlink supports digital analysis and reporting tools, which enable retailers to collect information about customer behaviour. Heat maps of product and customer flows are possible as well as dashboards and evaluations for Business Intelligence.

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Customer services

Online availability checks
Real-time data integration through MOVEX | Interlink enables customers to check the availability of their desired product anytime, anywhere. They can see online where the goods are currently in stock and make a purchase at that specific location. Furthermore, a central shopping cart ensures simple payment processes. Regardless of the channel, customers can pay for their goods using the payment method of their choice.

Click & Collect/Click & Reserve 
Reserve or buy products online, collect them from the store: Services such as Click & Collect and Click & Reserve are now expected by customers as standard. Such services are only possible if the different channels communicate with each other and the processes are integrated across all channels. 

In-store returns
In-store returns allow customers to return items purchased online to stores instead of sending them back to the manufacturer or retailer. Here too it is necessary to synchronise order and inventory data centrally and in real time in the system.

Smart store services
MOVEX | Interlink supports new technologies in stationary retail, such as online orders in a store via a digital info terminal (in-store order) and modern checkout processes via smartphones. Intelligent shelves with AI control or the addition of the online shop products (endless aisle) to the store's range of products also benefit from the utilisation of this software.

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