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MOVEX | Mobile: modern retail solutions for mobile shopping and customer loyalty

Shop from anywhere and at any time – mobile apps offer retailers various opportunities to acquire new customers, strengthen their customer loyalty and link their e-commerce to their high-street business. The white-label solution from MOVEX lets you get started quickly and easily in the rapidly growing mobile commerce sector.

Merge off- and online shopping

With the mobile commerce software from MOVEX, you can offer your webshop as an application for mobile devices – within a few days and without additional development costs. In addition to shopping processes, MOVEX | Mobile can help you to offer your customers the use of modern services such as click & collect and click & reserve via app. In addition, practical value-added functions such as digital customer cards, mobile coupons, push notifications and barcode, QR and NFC scanners can be integrated as required.

Icon: Shopping App based on webshop

Shopping app

Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Android and iOS
Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Click & collect
Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Customised CI

Icon Loyalty Program

Loyalty program

Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Digital loyalty cards
Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Mobile couponing
Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Administration portal

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Push notifications

Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Direct approach
Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Send buying incentives
Benefits MOVEX Mobile   Increase app usage

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Retailer portal

Benefits MOVEX Mobile  Manage campaigns
Benefits MOVEX Mobile  Evaluate campaigns

Advantages of MOVEX | Mobile – the mobile commerce software

+ Short implementation time

+ No development costs

+ Lean m-commerce solution

+ New target groups and increasing sales

+ Satisfied customers and improved loyalty

+ Interlink POS and e-commerce

Icon: Shopping app based on the webshop


Mobile shop for Android and iOS
With our white-label solution, you can make your responsive online shop available as a mobile shop for smartphones and tablets in an app – for both Android and iOS.

Click & collect and click & reserve
In addition to purchasing processes, your customers can also control modern services such as click & collect and click & reserve via mobile applications.

Customised design
Logos, colours and wording are adapted according to your wishes in a manner that conforms to your CI.

Loyalty programme

Loyalty programme

Digital loyalty cards
Loyalty cards are digitised and made available to your customers in the app. Your advantage: You will get to know your customers’ shopping behaviour on the basis of the collected data.

Mobile couponing
Coupons can be integrated into the shopping app; these can be redeemed both online and in-store. This will help you attract new customers and increase footfall in your stores. This also increases the conversion rate, as customers usually carry their mobile phone with them at all times.

Icon: Smartphone with Push notifications

Push notifications

Directly address customers
Keep them up-to-date about current coupons, events and discounts via push notifications. You maintain the content for the services yourself and control specific actions in a retailer portal.

Send buying incentives
Send your customers buying incentives and build a direct connection.

Increase app usage
Whether it be promotions, new trends or service information: push notifications can increase opening rates as well as app usage.

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Retailer portal

Manage campaigns
You can easily maintain coupons and news such as in-store news, seasonal highlights or offers yourself in the retailer portal.

Evaluate campaigns
Manage extensive campaigns in the retailer portal, where you can not only configure coupons, but also activate (including with time limits if desired), control and evaluate them.

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