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Data warehousing and big data with MOVEX | Analytics

What is MOVEX | Analytics? With MOVEX | Analytics, we provide a flexible tool that brings structure and meaningfulness to large data quantities behind the omnichannel processes. By having access to clear reports, analyses and charts, our customers gain complete insight into their business and logistics processes, as well as into the behavior of their customers. In addition, they have control over the figures for their online trade and bricks-and-mortar retail.

How does MOVEX | Analytics work? The big data software provides a series of clearly laid out standard reports on performance data, customer data, returns, processing time in the warehouse, as well as inventory reports. In addition, customized analyses can be created and configured per sales channel. MOVEX | Analytics provides not only marketing-related reports that make customer types and their buying behavior transparent, but also real-time analyses of warehouse data, inventory levels, returns and items.

Advantages of MOVEX | Analytics

  • Recording and availability of all relevant data from the warehouse and online trading
  • Trend, real-time and long-term analyses illustrate data on a timeline
  • User-friendly analysis interfaces and reports that are intuitive to read
  • Online access at any time via Web frontend

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Sebastian Sperk, Head of Sales

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Marcus Müller, Account Manager

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