Business Intelligence analysis for retailers

Business intelligence for the retail industry

Control date more efficiently thanks to diverse analyses

MOVEX | Analytics: data warehouse & big data for retail and logistics

The complexity of business and logistics processes in omnichannel commerce has increased significantly. This also toughens the challenges for retailers in the area of business intelligence with regard to data analysis, data integration and evaluations. Every interaction along the customer journey generates a large amount of new data. Retailers can make their business more successful if they clearly summarise and interpret this data.

MOVEX | Analytics is a flexible business intelligence tool for retailers. BI software structures the large amount of data that is created through omnichannel processes and makes it meaningful. Clear reports, analyses and diagrams give customers full insight into their business and logistics processes, into the behaviour of their customers and give them control over of their online and high-street business figures.

BI solutions: for smart decisions in retail

MOVEX | Analytics gives omnichannel allows retailers to clearly determine their key figures in real time. It evaluates diverse and complex data from different systems and data sources using proven data science methods and presents them in standard and individual reports. This enables retailers and logistics professionals to analyse complex interrelationships at a glance and optimise business processes. Long-term and trend analyses also help to make smart business decisions.

Icon standard reports

Standard reporting

Benefits MOVEX Analytics   KPI for warehouse processes
Benefits MOVEX Analytics   Marketing analyses

Icon individual reports

Individual reporting

Benefits MOVEX Analytics   According to distribution channel
Benefits MOVEX Analytics   According to individual criteria

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Benefits MOVEX Analytics   Trend and long-term analyse
Benefits MOVEX Analytics   Overview in real time

Advantages of MOVEX | Analytics – BI for the retail industry

+ Handle large amounts of data

+ Better warehouse control

+ Reports in real time

+ User-friendly analysis interfaces

+ Online access via web frontend

+ Ad-hoc queries possible at any time

Icon standard reports

Quick overview with standard reports

Predefined key figures for logistics and marketing processes
With performance reporting on orders, returns, throughput times and stock reports in the warehouse, the appropriate big data analyses for logistics processes come as standard with MOVEX. This allows evaluation of large amounts of data in the warehouse, ensuring more effective management and more relevant staff deployment. MOVEX | Analytics also provides ready-made BI tools to evaluate data for planning targeted customer approaches and marketing campaigns.

Icon individual reports

Individual reports as desired

Customised detailed analyses
With MOVEX | Analytics, retailers can create and configure individual analyses according to their specific requirements, for example per sales channel or other self-defined criteria (value, number of pieces, percentage). This gives you precisely the reports you need to answer your current questions at the touch of a button.

Icon forecasts

Trend and long-term analyses for business forecasts

Sales forecasts
MOVEX | Analytics delivers marketing-relevant reports that make customer types and their buying behaviour transparent as well as trend and long-term reports. This allows you to make reliable sales forecasts for certain items.

Merchandise requirements and personnel planning
Furthermore, real-time analyses of warehouse data, stocks, returns and items provide an easy-to-understand overview of the current situation in the warehouse and enable you to make targeted forecasts for goods requirements and staff deployment planning.

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