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Omnichannel at the POS: create added value

link cash register system, online shop and apps

Integrate the POS into your omnichannel commerce

In the digital age, the boundaries between the various sales channels are blurring. In order to meet customer expectations and create the best possible shopping experience , it is essential to establish new services, ordering and delivery options – be it digital information points at the POS or omnichannel services such as click & collect or ship to home.

To do this, retailers need to interlink various business processes. The goal is to make all information available across all channels and in real time – the only way to enable borderless shopping across all touchpoints. However, classic merchandise management has reached its limits in this respect.

MOVEX | POS: omnichannel in high-street retail

MOVEX | POS offers you a solution for linking your stores to one other as well as to online shops and mobile commerce. This allows you to implement your omnichannel approach step-by-step or in a complete solution, depending on your needs.   

Manage your inventory data in the store network

Would your customer like to know if their desired product is also available in another store? With central software management, all stores have access to a common inventory management system.

This provides retailers with relevant data in real time – for example, information regarding inventory levels, item availability in individual stores, delivery times or voucher credit levels.

Salesperson with a tablet checks inventory in the store
The seller shows the customer additional products in the online shop

Link the POS to your webshop

An online shop allows your stores’ product ranges to be expanded to a maximum. The customer receives an expanded offer thanks to Endless Aisle and at the same time costs are saved by reducing the display area.

The omnichannel software MOVEX links the customer’s online shopping cart to the physical shopping cart at the POS. This turns cross-channel shopping experience into a reality: the customer can collect or return products ordered online in the store (Click & Collect, Instore Return), pay online or even upon collection.

The sales process in the store is additionally supported by tablet that suggests suitable products that are available in the online shop. The sales staff or simply the customer themselves operates the tablet.

Offer mobile services at the POS

Sales processes at the POS require as simple a design as possible; they can also be meaningfully enhanced with mobile apps.

Customers collect points via a loyalty programme in the retailer app, use mobile couponing and payment or manage the payment process themselves at the end of their purchase via self-checkout – an ultra-modern service adapts to the wishes of the customer and thus creates added value.

Use of a smartphone during the payment process in the shop
Saleswoman stands behind the cash register in the shop

Use the latest cash register systems at the POS

One of the most important touchpoints in a store is the cash register. A comprehensive cash register solution ensures a fast-moving payment process, offers various payment methods, and enables vouchers, discounts and bonus points to be redeemed.

In addition, it is suitable for tablet, PC or POS hardware, transfers high-street and mobile sales data in real time, and stores all cashier transactions in a legally secure manner. ab. 

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