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Warehouse visualization in real time

MOVEX | Visual Warehouse provides transparent warehouse metrics at the press of a button

What is MOVEX | Visual Warehouse? With MOVEX | Visual Warehouse, OSP provides visualization software that gives a clear overview of the physical warehouse capacity utilization. The system opens up a new dimension to analysis, makes warehouse processes tangible and uncovers weaknesses in warehouse capacity utilization, inventory management and order picking routes. Warehouse managers therefore have optimum insight into their warehouse processes at all times and, thanks to real-time analysis of large data quantities, can quickly respond to problems in the movement of goods.

How does MOVEX | Visual Warehouse work? The flexible stand-alone product works based on the latest Web technologies and provides millions of pieces of real-time data on warehouse capacity utilization and flows of goods. At the press of a button, MOVEX | Visual Warehouse generates customized reports and lists with dynamic legends and adjusted filter options. Customers can therefore tell at a glance where there are problems in the warehouse capacity utilization and take corrective action in good time. The software can be flexibly integrated into any system landscapes and ERP systems and can also be used on mobile end devices.

Advantages of MOVEX | Visual Warehouse

  • Detailed visualization of the customer-specific warehouse structure in real time
  • Creation of customized reports by means of adjustable filter and list functions
  • Intuitive to use and clear navigation
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere thanks to browser-based technology and mobile capability
  • The detection of weak points in the warehouse and accurate staff deployment guarantee sustainable management

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